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I spent a good part of the last week diving into the “industry” side of this podcast. Hong Kong was host to the Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum as well as the Hong Kong FilmArt and Music Exhibition.
Having met many cool people in the industry and seeing how they are working was reinvigorating.
As my studies come to an end in May, I am looking forward to a concentrated effort to improve Dragon Radio.

Indeed Dragon Radio will grow, but how and where? As you know this show just happens to ride the bus called “podcast”, but the truth is that it can be delivered many ways. Would you listen to Dragon Radio on your phone? Would you buy a yearly CD called “The best of Dragon Radio”? Would you pay for a subscription to a special version of this podcast?

I hope all these questions will be answered over the next couple of months and I hope you continue to enjoy the music that I present here. I hope our shared passion for music leads to better exposure for the artists you hear on the show.

This week’s playlist:
Song / Artist / Album – Country
Di Ko Na Alam / D:A:D / Silver Shiny Jeepney – Philipinnes
Inaasahan / Melancholics / Silver Shiny Jeepney – Philipinnes
Superproxy / Eraserheads / Anthology – Philippines
Superproxy 2K6 / Francis M / UltraElectroMagneticJam -Philipinnes
นักวิเคราะห์ / Crescendo / Crescendo 80 – Thailand

Ways to listen:

DragonRadio037.mp3 – Dragon Radio – Week 037


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