Dragon Radio 005

Saswadee…Thai Music Special!

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  1. Thanapa

    I hope Dragon Radio fans will like this week Thai show in which Tony and me try to choose the best selection for u. So if u enjoy the program, pls..let us know.
    Personally,I like it of course I am Thai why not!!
    I really wish to get the comment from u guys all over the world so to echo your voice of what do you want to listen from this part of world…………Asia!!

  2. Tetsuo

    I like this idea – I haven’t actually listened yet (only just found the cast, about to subscribe), but doing a different country each week sounds like a great idea to me. If you’re interested in doing a Taiwan one, I’d be willing to lend a hand – there’s a fair bit of good music coming out of this place, and I’d love to see it get a bit more play abroad. After all, right now the only representation it’s getting is goddamned Coco Lee. I’m guessing, looking back through the lists, that the music doesn’t have to be podsafe then?

  3. Sunshine Gulati

    Hey, i listened to this just today.. just started to get into podcasting, I TOTALLY LOVED it. :] Its familiar, yet different.. in good ways. I look forward to more episodes, and I’m going back to grab all the older ones. Thank you!

  4. Charles

    In Morning Play Theme, is the sound that sort of reminds me of bagpipes (without the chords) a synth, or is it a traditional instrument?

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