Dragon Radio 006

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  1. Jonas Chau

    brilliant, HK desperately needs promotion of of alternaitive music like your podcast. however you mention listers going out to buy the music you broadcast, but as you know it’s easier to buy dino eggs than alternaive music here in hong kong. Why don’t you team up with alternaive record labels/outlets here in hk and make sure they will/can stock the stuff you play and you can also promote hk indie scene/outlets? these are the one’s i know, i’m sure you know more anyway.

    harbour records http://www.harbourrecords.com
    89268 records http://www.89268.com
    monitor records http://www.monitor-records.com
    white noise http://www.whitenoiserecords.org

  2. Administrator

    Hello Jonas,

    Thanks for checking out my site!
    You are right, these CDs are like Dino Eggs (i like that), but at the moment I am non-profit and this show is a hobby.
    As time goes by, I hope to become more professional and serious about it. If there was an easy way to make a living from this, trust me, I will find a way. Right now I am also a bit fearful of any lawsuits, if I make money from the site I open myself up to legal action from the artists…lets hope there is a better way in the future.

    I will check on those sites you mentioned too.

    Thanks again,

  3. Jonas Chau

    I suppose so, BBC has just started poscasting its shows but not anything with music contents in it (yet)


    i can’t wait for the day when i can get late junction/mixing it on podcast 😛

    I was actually just suggesting that you and the record stores have an understanding that they will know the Cd’s you play so when someone goes in and asks for, say, Monkey Insane, they would have a clue who they were. In return you mention you can get the Cd’s in so-and-so record shop. they can stick a poster of your show up on the wall or even play it in the shop…? you scratcha-ma-back, i scratcha-yours kinda deal. meanwhile keep up the good work!

  4. nojetlag

    Really cool what you’re doing here. I would love to see a focus on Korean music and local hkg artists if that’s possible 🙂

  5. David

    Great to see Podcasting getting some publicity in Hong Kong – way to go Tony!!… colour pic on the cover of the SCMP!

    Check out muzso.com for other artists and for what else we are trying to do to help musicians in the region – podcasting is only a part of it.

    Kudos to Tony for all the hard work he has put into his podcasts… amazing stuff.

  6. Administrator

    Subject: kapow
    Date: 21 April 2005 1:31:54 AM GMT+08:00
    To: info@dragonradio.asia

    yeah! i like the new mixin of the intro.. i’d be into them changing every
    podcast. if you kept on experimentin.

    awesome podcast,

    i’d really like to hear the cutest japanese tune you can find.

  7. Administrator

    Hey Tony,

    Last might i finally managed to listen to the Dragon Radio. Sorry, i don’t
    really play music from internet. It doesn’t fit into office culture:-)

    so a friend of mine downloaded it an a CD, and i enjoyed it driving in my

    i have to confess I am very much a music fan. But it’s difficult to find a
    good new staff. SO the Dragon is really for me.
    It made my morning. I listen to the first 4 shows. super.


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