Dragon Radio 007

Lucky number seven, at least it is for us this time. Dragon Radio has it’s first interview with Lao hard-rock stars, the Cells! Our star reporter, Thanapa, caught up with the Cells at their Bangkok show this past weekend for what might be their first interview in English. The guys were gracious enough to give […]

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  1. Charles

    Love the Cells. Who says hard rock and hip hop don’t belong together? Any info on where their stuff can be purchased in the US?

    If you like looking for obscure stuff, check out the Labor Exchange Band of Taiwan. They sing ethnically correct folk rock and folk punk in Hakka Chinese. You can hear their music on this site http://www.leband.net and I eventually purchased “Let Us Sing Mountain Songs.”

  2. Charles

    Thank you for the information. When I go to the http://www.laopromotion.com site, they only have Karaoke VCD. Is the album also available as music CD? I want to be able to bring the songs into iTunes/iPod. Anyway, we have a Laos store in San Francisco called Vientiane; I’ll stop by and see if they have it. Thanks!

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