Dragon Radio 009

Hello again! This has been a busy week for me, so I apologize for the tardiness of this show. I am pleased to announce that we have our first Pakistani music (courtesy of Thanapa) from a band called Junoon. They are the leading rock band in Pakistan and are actually touring the USA as I write this. Please check out Junoon LIVE in the USA. Here is a site with the dates! DC, NY, and NJ!

As well, we finally get to hear some Malaysian hip-hop, followed by a Hong Kong “boy-band” and alternative rock band and finishing the show a quirky song from Taiwan.

If you live in the Asian region please check out Star TV News for the interview they did with me today (camera over my back as I did the voice work). Joe and AJ were very friendly and made the whole experience very enjoyable. I have been told it will air later this week on the 7pm (GMT+8) news cast “at the back, by the ice-cream ;-)”.

Hey! I really need to thank all the people whom help me every week. In no particular order, here are the people that made the show possible this week: Thanapa, Robin, Marina, Andre, Pigcast, Preetam, David, Tammy and Cani. Thank you all!

Thank you to all those listeners who provided me with helpful feedback every week, I really appreciate it…and I need MORE! Please use the Comments link below this podcast.

If you have questions/complaints please email me at info@dragonradio.asia; likewise if you have some music you would like to share send it along as well using the “Send Me Your MP3” link on this page.

Today’s playlist:
Song / Artist / Album – Country

Garaj Baras / Junoon / Daur-e-Junoo – Pakistan
Alhamdullilah [Malay Version] / Too Phat / Platinum Edition – Malaysia
坦克車 / Shine / The Best Of Shine – Hong Kong
好明天 / A-dAY / Come Out And Play – Hong Kong
Construct 4 – Congrulate / T-Sound / Lobo 1 – Taiwan

(Many people have complained they can not hear the show. Please be patient as the link below is at least 18MB and to play it on your computer could take as long as 10 minutes before you hear anything.)
Click here to listen: DragonRadio009.mp3 – Dragon Radio – Week 009


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