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Clap your hands everybody! We have some great Indian pop music this week as well as an “exclusive” interview with Malaysian citizen Jennifer! That is correct, her first interview ever, right here on Dragon Radio 011. Tune in to hear her opinions on Malaysia and Malaysian culture. I really want to thank her for spending […]

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  1. LM

    Hey Tony- I’ve been waiting for your last installment. Dragon Radio is a terrific show, it’s great to get to know about the pan-asian music scene.

  2. John Ong

    Hello Tony. Really enjoy your shows. Especially this latest one. Everyone once in a while I’ll introduce other Asian podcasts to my listeners. I have a podcast of my own over at http://onglinepodcast.com . I currently live in the USA, but was born and raised in Malaysia. Like your guest, I’m also also ethnically Chinese. I’ll be sampling some of your stuff in my future shows.

  3. Tom

    Hi Tony – Thought I should tell you that I am really enjoying your podcast. I know of no one who is doing what you’re doing, namely, letting people around the world know what’s hot in Asia music-wise.

    I fell in love with Hong Kong after a single visirt and am always interested in what the locals are doing and listening to. And I appreciated what you said about it not being necessary to understand the lyrics to enjoy the music. I don’t speak a word of Cantonese or any other language for that matter, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the music one bit. Sometimes I can find lyrics online, otherwise, I don’t feel a strong need to know them.

    Continued success with your program, I will be downloading! 🙂


    p.s. do people listen to Cui Jian in HK?

  4. Administrator

    Hello Tom, thank you for the kind words…happy to hear that I am not the only out here that enjoys what I am doing :-D.

    Can you send me a Cui Jian MP3, I am not familiar with that name.


  5. Deb

    hey Tony,

    awesome show…great content 😉
    I didn’t expect to hear an artist on your show that u hadn’t introduced me to before, so hearing Indian Ocean was a real treat. my friends in New Delhi put Indian Ocean up there as one of the best bands from India.

    keep it coming!

  6. Chris (USA)

    Wow. What a show. Despite not understanding most of the lyrics the music is fantastic. I also love the small tidbits thrown in about HK culture and what you’re doing like the Dragon Boat racing. Unless I missed it, you need to do a longer bio of yourself, how you got to HK, and the process by which this music you love took hold of you.

    I no longer travel internatioanlly much. When I did I was always going to Germany and being lucky enough to speak a little I fell in love with current german music. I know how this stuff must have grown on you. When I listen to some of the stuff I bought I can rememeber all the details of when i first heard it almost like being back there.

    Thanks again,

  7. Administrator

    Hey Chris, yes it sounds like we walked the same paths in different parts of the world. I have not travelled much in the last year, so my collection is getting old. Luckily, with my new job I will be travelling in Asia again real soon. I will be recording something for SushiRadio (english version) that explains more about me and my cultural experiences in HK. They will air it and I will post it here as well. Thanks for listening, Tony

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