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We have a guest host this week, and a special show. This week is all about Vietnam and Vietnamese pop music, and I could think of no one more qualified than Thanapa. Thanapa lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand and is a great student of culture and news. She speaks Thai, Lao, Vietnamese, English, Burmese, and I think a bit of French. This week’s show is rich with music and cutltural insight into Vietnam. People think of Vietnam as Communist country and unfriendly but that is not true. Thanks for a great show Thanapa!

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Today’s playlist:
Song / Artist / Album – Country

Xoa Het No Nan / Thai Thinh / Thai Thinh – Vietnam
Nhat Phai / Tien Dat / Tien Dat – Vietnam
Yeu Doi / MTVBand / Toi Muon Biet Vi Sao – Vietnam
Mai Yeu Mai Nho / Phong Dat / Hip Hop Rap Disco vol 1 – Vietnam
Xin Danh Tron Cho Em / Quang Ha / Hip Hop Rap Disco vol 1 – Vietnam

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