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Loreley Dragon Boat Team 2005Loreley Dragon Boat Team 2005
Well we did it, we finally had our long awaited day in the sun. It truly was a great day for racing!
The team did well, we placed 1st in the 1st round, third in the second round, and 3rd in the final. Out of 50 some odd teams in our class, we did quite well.

Thanks to Robin and David this week for making it all happen!

If you have questions/complaints please email me at info@dragonradio.asia; likewise if you have some music you would like to share send it along as well using the “Send Me Your MP3” link on this page.

Today’s playlist:
Song / Artist / Album – Country

咬咬兵團 Bite Bite Army / Double Life / Come Out And Play – Hong Kong
保守秘密 Keep Secret / 壞碑唇 Vibration / Come Out And Play – Hong Kong
James’ Bomb D 詹姆仕蹦D / Nipples / Lobo 1 – Taiwan
沒雨季 No more rain / 薄荷葉 Mint Leaf / Lobo 1 – Taiwan
Buuvei (Lullaby) 搖籃 / Urna Amilal-烏仁娜 / Single – Mongolia

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  • Tetsuo

    Hey, where was that dragonboating? Did the Stanley one myself a few years back, man that was fun. And congratulations too!

    Oh yeah, I had a possible idea for the country-specific shows in future too – perhaps add a bit on the end, or add it to the post here, with a bit of a rundown on where people can go check out this kind of music live in a couple of major cities in the country in question? I know a lot – if not most – of the listeners will be from outside the region, but it could be a hell of a resource for those of us who are.

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