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Hello again and welcome to Dragon Radio recorded (in this room) in Hong Kong!
the Lab

Thanks to Cani, Thanapa and David this week for making it all happen!

If you have questions/complaints please email me at info@dragonradio.asia; likewise if you have some music you would like to share send it along as well using the “Send Me Your MP3” link on this page.

Today’s playlist:
Song / Artist / Album – Country

Mariposa / Sugar Free / LP – Philippines
自動車ショー歌 / 趙博 / ガーリックちんどん – Japan
阿修羅樹海 Ocean of Asura / 盧巧音 Candy Lo / 天演論 – Hong Kong
E.D.E.N. (original short size) / Dub Squad / ピンポン オリジナル・サウンドトラック – Japan
Over the Horizon / Snow Effect / Rustic Physiocrat – Japan

Ways to listen:

DragonRadio015.mp3 – Dragon Radio – Week 015


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One thought on “Dragon Radio 015

  • Administrator Post author

    I’m a UK student who has got a place in HKU next year to read business
    and media, and to study up on Hong Kong and wider Asian culture before
    I get there one of my sources is your awesome show.

    I found it when it was linked from the wikipedia podcast article
    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podcast), however all external are
    currently being shifted and debated…

    I can’t really suggest anything you should play, but I’m looking
    forward to picking up and few CDs you have played and hitting some of
    the clubs and festivals you point to when I come over in September…

    Keep up the awesome work…