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This week we turn on the distortion and let it rip! Some call it noise, others call it music, you decide. Either way, I think you will find it interesting and just one more good reason to listen.

I share with you now, one photo of me pursuing weekend fun. I have this trick where I go down to the local pier blindfolded, and get on the first boat that will have me (these ladies helped me up the gang-plank) where I later croon the passengers into a frenzy! This night found me singing “Crazy” by Patsy Cline (written by Willy Nelson) on a birthday party boat celebrating 37 years of Tony Reno…could there be a better way?

Thanks to David, Thanapa and this week for making it all happen!

If you have questions/complaints please email me at info@dragonradio.asia; likewise if you have some music you would like to share send it along as well using the “Send Me Your MP3” link on this page.

Today’s playlist:
Song / Artist / Album – Country
DV / Cambio / Derby Light – Philipennes
Military+student+dance / Paradox / unknown – Thailand
Lagu Tiga Kupang / XPDC / unknown – Malaysia
Right Hand Ponk / Ooioo From エイト / Anchor – Japan
Drama HK 0.1 / Oval / 2001香港漫遊 – Hong Kong

Ways to listen:

DragonRadio018.mp3 – Dragon Radio – Week 018


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