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  1. Tetsuo

    Please man, if you’re going to have acts from Taiwan, please do them the courtesy of putting their names and the names of their songs in Traditional Chinese.

    That said – YAY for playing 無路用的人 ! That’s one of my all time favorite A-yue songs!

  2. Tony

    Sorry Tetsuo,

    I can not yet type chinese characters, I just use what is on the MP3. If you can type the characters here I can copy them in.


  3. Tetsuo

    Oh, fair enough then. That makes sense.

    That FIR song is:
    塔羅牌 / F.I.R. 飛兒樂團 / F.I.R. 飛兒樂團

  4. Tetsuo

    Hey, I just had a thought – if you want to add in a little something extra for the Chinese-disadvantaged listeners, I’d be willing – time and ability to get hold of the lyrics permitting – to offer my services translating any Mandarin songs you play. Can’t help with any of the myriad other languages – except possibly Cantonese and maybe, at a stretch, Hokkien – but it’s a start eh?

  5. Administrator

    Hello Felix,

    Yes I try to keep it that way out of respect for the artists. I do not want to put all their work here, because some people will download it all and never buy it.

    Thanks for listening,

  6. henn

    It might be a good idea to add a mono encoding of your mp3 ringtone – I think most phones only have one speaker so it’d save space, however the current one has suplanted the 24 CTU ringtone on my phone 🙂

  7. Phil

    Seandainya is pretty derivative and sounds like Happiness is a Warm Gun meets 70’s Kansas. The Queen of Indonesia? Quite a stretch you have there assuming you’ve ever heard Queen.

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