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Back in Hong Kong and ready to deliver a show…this beautiful painting was painted by our good friend Thanapa in Bangkok Thailand. It is only her 3rd painting, but I am sure there are more good things to come from her. We like to promote all forms of Asian art on Dragon Radio 🙂

thanapa - bangkok

Thanks to Robin, Debbie and AUSTRALIA for making this show possible!

If you have questions/complaints please email me at info@dragonradio.asia; likewise if you have some music you would like to share send it along as well using the “Send Me Your MP3” link on this page.

This week’s playlist:
Song / Artist / Album – Country
Ballroom / Pacinos / Hiratsuka Viking Station – Japan
Boogie / Pepper Cats / All Star 我華麗的搖滾夢 (Disc2) – Taiwan
教育して Educating / ユウテラス Team Rythmo 18 / あなた病気Death – Japan
Bicycle Headphone Music / まつきあゆむ / Matsuki Ayumu – Japan
Discokarma / Slow Tech Riddim / On Off – Hong Kong

Ways to listen:

DragonRadio021.mp3 – Dragon Radio – Week 021


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One thought on “Dragon Radio 021

  • Drew

    Thats funny – the samples in the background of the first song on this podcast are most definitely ripped from Stewart Copelands album, ‘The Rhythmatist’. He went to Africa and hung out with different tribes and played music with them. I guess maybe this group found the old record and thought it was insignificant enough to sample.