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The Terrace!

Thank you all for waiting, and thanks to Woei, and the staff at the Terrace for helping out on this show.

This week’s playlist:
Song / Artist / Album – Country
She (她) / King Ly Chee / Come Out And Play – Hong Kong
Honey / Marry+an+blood / ? – Japan
君がため For the Sake of You / ロードオブメジャー Road of Major / a-nation’05 BEST HIT SELECTION – Japan
阎王帖 Yan Wang Dia / 雨乐队 The Rain / 燃烧‘96 – Malaysia
日以繼夜 Night and Day / At 17 / Kiss Kiss Kiss – Hong Kong

Ways to listen:

DragonRadio031.mp3 – Dragon Radio – Week 031


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3 thoughts on “Dragon Radio 031

  • Administrator Post author

    Hey Tony!

    I’m a big fan of Dragon Radio – tuning in from Sydney Australia! Thanks for doing the shows!

    I just wanted to make a reply to a comment you made about At17 in your latest show. You said that At17 is a typical HK pop group, which in my opinion is not true. Not only could they sing (in which you did point out), they also produce their own music – which is different from “typical” pop groups like Twins, Cookies, or 2R. They’ve been doing their own music and performing gigs (both of them are really talented guitar players) starting from the tender age of 15 and 17. I also think that the group actually tries to move away from conventional HK pop. Another point to mention is that the brother of Eman Lam (one of he members) is Chet Lam – a popular singer/songwriter in HK.

    So I really do think At17 is a bit underrated.

    Thanks for listening 🙂

  • Charles

    Hey, even if it is only 250 listeners, it’s 250 listeners *all around the world.* I love your show! I’m in San Francisco. Thanks to you, I now have LMFShits, the LMF greatest hits album, which is indeed great! Even in SF, I do have difficulty locating most of the albums you play. Only one of the Chinese CD stores here carries hard rock, and they don’t have the biggest collection (so they don’t have Come out and Play, for instance). But I persevere. Amoeba Records in the Haight has a foreign rock section where I can sometimes find good used stuff, such as an earlier Road of Major EP. A Thai place that sold rock music no longer does, but I got some great CDs by Big Ass and by ABnormal; check them out, as well as Filipino group Paroyka ni Edgar.

  • Max


    I think it’s difficult to get the music everywhere out of asia…

    Sometimes ebay or amazon pop up one or two decent records, but most of it is hidden in the jungle :).

    Rock on!!!

    Max (one of 250)