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All new location….same old crap.

Thank you all for waiting, and thanks to Brent for helping out on this show!

This week’s playlist:
Song / Artist / Album – Country
“Tianjin” Nunchakus / Jay Chou & The Faceless One / Jay Chou Remixed – China
Stormy Eyes / P.K.14 / White Paper – China
Ahankara Nagare / DJ Duminda / Web Mix – Sri Lanka
變形金剛 Distortion Gang / 妮波寺 Nipples / Lobo 2 Side B – Taiwan
蘋果花 Colored Apple / 楊燕 Yang Yan / 世紀難忘金曲 (第一輯) – China

Ways to listen:

DragonRadio032.mp3 – Dragon Radio – Week 032


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7 thoughts on “Dragon Radio 032

  • Administrator Post author

    Yeah Andy, I dicovered this shortly after I listened to the final playback of the show. Even Dragon Radio get’s bitten by the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) bug sometimes 🙂

    You should check out the spirit of some of the other Faceless One “remixes” though. There was one that was too vulgar to play here, but for some reason it appealled to me, that is why I included this version.

    Lets say it is art in the spirit of early hip-hop where they pretty much did the same thing; rapping over existing recordings.


  • Tetsuo

    Couple of things – I’m not sure, but I think that Taiwan band in the list goes by the English name “Nipples”, although that could be another band with a similar name. Second, any recommendations for Cambodian music? I’m heading there for a holiday in a couple of weeks, and I figure why not.

  • Administrator Post author

    Yes Tetsuo, I researched it further and it is our old friends the Nipples! I found a website for them but it seems to be down. I will see if they are still together or not. Hopefully they are!

    You know, I have been to Cambodia more times than I can remember, but not once did I walk away with a good rock or pop CD. Your mission, should you accept is ;-), is to find some!

    By the way, go to Angkor Wat and see sunrise and sunset there. Also do not miss a traditional Apsara dance. Most of the hotels have it, but try to see the children do it in a culture center to get a better perspective of how the tradition has been passed on through the generations. If you need some tips for staying in Phnom Penh, email me.


  • Administrator Post author

    Ah yes! How can I forget??? Tetsuo, go to any restaurant in Phnom Penh (usually by the river) and ask for a Happy Pizza. As Robin noted, it can be had VERY Happy as well…..first time go I suggest a normal one 🙂 Be happy!

  • Tetsuo

    Thanks guys! I think Nipples are still together – I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them scheduled for a few gigs around Taipei in the past few months, but there’ve been quite a few bands breaking up lately (usually because the bands are formed while the members are at university, and after graduation guys here have to do military service for a year and a half, which kind of screws up the band). And thanks for the recommendations about Cambodia – me and my mate are actually just spending one night in Phnom Penh (I’ll try out one of those pizzas too – I’ve heard similar from people here too :)) and then crashing out in Sihanoukville for a week, but if I find anything classy musically I’ll be sure to pass on the info 🙂