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Thanks to Lui, David, AirTub, and Paul for helping out on this week’s show!

This week’s playlist:
Song / Artist / Album – Country
Perfect Life / AirTub / Re-Ignition – Hong Kong
Old Friend / 218twoneight / MySpace.com – Hong Kong
Unhappy / Hui Sei Di Dai / MySpace.com – Malaysia
Punk Boy Best / M.M.L.L. / MySpace.com – China
Unknown / Unknown / Karen Abizz Vol. 2 – Indonesia

Ways to listen:

DragonRadio034.m4a – Dragon Radio – Week 034


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4 thoughts on “Dragon Radio 034

  • Jessica H.

    Hi Tony, why have you used the m4a format for this one? Not all listeners have an iPod and/or use iTunes… (and it didn’t convert in dBpower AMP either).
    ‘Till now I enjoyed every episode 🙂

  • Administrator Post author

    Hello Jessica,

    I am sorry that you can not listen to the current MP3. I started to use Garage Band to create the show because it works better with my hardware. I will soon post show 34 in MP3 format here on this page just for you :-D.

    Additionally, I do not like to hear that any of my listeners can not hear the show, so I will switch back to MP3 96kbps as the default feed. I will also make the m4a available as auxillary for those who want to grab it.

    Sorry for the trouble, thanks for writing and listening.


  • Norman

    Very cool pod cast. Being bored of the usual fair, it is nice to hear what is going on elsewhere. (New US listener. Guess this makes me #251) Interesting are the similarities and the cultural twists, as compared to western music.

  • Celeste

    I’m not Indonesian but I think Track 10 on Karen Abizz is “MELOMPAT LEBIH TINGGI” by Sheila on 7.
    Here’s the whole tracklist of the CD:
    1. I WILL FLY – Ten2Five
    2. FIRASAT – Marcel
    3. ME & MY BOYFRIEND – Mocca
    4. SAHABAT – Peterpan
    5. KAU – Traffic
    6. YANG TAK PERNAH – Caffeine
    7. MAAF DARI SURGA – Element
    8. SELINGKUH – Five Minutes
    10. MELOMPAT LEBIH TINGGI – Sheila on 7
    11. MAAFKANLAH – Tofu
    12. EKSPRESI – All Indonesian Idol

    The CD is actually on sale up at:

    I hope that helped! 🙂