Dragon Radio 035 5 comments

Thanks to CS Manila for helping out on this week’s show!

This week’s playlist:
Song / Artist / Album – Country
Alcohol / Radio Active Sago Project / UltraElectroMagneticJam – Philippines
Funkin In The Jungle / Nabb / Tiger & Zap Records Presents Hits – Philippines
Tao / Sugarfree / Sugarfree – Philippines
Sige / 6cyclemind / Permission to Shine – Philippines
Laguna / Sampaguita / Tiger & Zap Records Presents Hits – Philippines

Ways to listen:

DragonRadio035.mp3 – Dragon Radio – Week 035


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5 thoughts on “Dragon Radio 035

  • ed

    Possibly your worst so far. Wow that was weird.
    Maybe it was the source material but the vocals were extremely quiet for the first two songs (hard to hear over the drums in the third song). Almost sounded like being in a club with bad mics. Actually you were pretty quiet as well.

    Disappointed about the switch back to .mp3 since .m4a. Could have had cover art and the such which would have helped me buy these CD’s (visual memory not so much audio based).

    Liked the beats though! Keep it up.

  • Administrator Post author

    Hello Ed,

    I am sorry to disappoint you. However, I feel at this time the MP3 format is still more portable. When Dragon Radio enters a “funded” phase with sponsorship I plan to produce many versions including MP3, M4A, and possibly some video, but at this time there are not enough resources so I apologize. Besides I do not have the time right now to scan in all the album covers, but again, that feature will come.

    The songs on this show are great, but I agree the recordings are not the best. Sometimes it is this way.

    I will do my best to improve the next show and I hope you keep listening.

    Thanks again,

  • lee

    hey thanks a lot for doing this, I enjoy your podcasts and just downloaded a bunch. One small request – can you cut and paste the song titles/artist listings into the mp3’s “comments” section? so it’s a useful and handy reference when we play it…

    no obligations though. Thanks and keep rockin’!

  • Leon

    Hey Tony! Great shows, been catching up lately. Glad you’re doing these more regularly again. One more Pinoy band you might check out is Cueshe which has gained huge popularity but is good nonetheless. I’ve been spreading the word as much as possible about Dragon Radio. Take care!