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Taipei 101

This week’s playlist:
Song / Artist / Album – Country
Si Ai Bin / Uglymen / Uglymen – Malaysia
大紅包子高高掛 Hang High the Red Pocket(Feat.城市之光) 拷秋勤 Hau Jau Cun / 復刻 – Taiwan
我不小心 I was not careful / Tizzy Bac / 我想你會變成這樣都是我害的 – Taiwan
It’s A Shame ! / 拾參 13 / 銀太陽【Ep】- Taiwan
義大利麵不能亂作 Don’t Mess with Spaghetti / 假死貓小便 Play Dead Cat Piss / 奔向海洋 – Taiwan

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DragonRadio039.mp3 – Dragon Radio – Week 039


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3 thoughts on “Dragon Radio 039

  • beh

    Great! this is GREAT! keep it UP!! I hope to hear more bands from all over asia!! more bands!! Please!!


  • Azchael

    Hi Tony,

    I put the last three issues of your dragonradio show on our main page as part of our monthly update. Your shows are part of the “Gadgets for good” :-).

    We’ll also publish a news update soon which is also going to cover the lastest developments.

    Tony, Dragonradio rocks!!!