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Finally, Tshirts!

Asobi Seksu Interview Transcript (another interview from CMJ, http://www.cmj.com/relay/?p=716)

Hi Tony,
I’m sorry that this turned into a communication nightmare. So, here are your answers FINALLY!
I apologize and thanks for being so patient.

What made you feel that the American audiences were ready to hear pop music in Japanese?

We weren’t really thinking in terms of the audience being ready to be honest. We just decided that I should use the language because we thought it sounded interesting and for me it was fun to write in Japanese. I don’t think audiences are ever ready for anything….We just put it out there and hoped for the best.

Was there any push back from the record company releasing your single in Japanese?

No, they understood it was part of who we are as a band.

Are you planning any Asian dates to support the CD?

We are currently working out a deal to put out ‘citrus’ in Japan. Hopefully that will result in a tour out there.

What is the song New Years about?

It is about siblings reminiscing about the past.

This week’s playlist:
Song / Artist / Album – Country
等 Wait / 范曉萱 Mavis Fan / 絕世名伶 – Taiwan
Umeboshi Plums, Big Seeds / TsuShiMaMiRe / Pregnant Fantasy – Japan
New Years / Asobi Seksu / Citrus – Japanese-American (USA)
The Mirage / DamnWrong / Liberation: Evolution – Thailand
My Day /Prim / Prim – Thailand

Ways to listen:

DragonRadio042.mp3 – Dragon Radio – Week 042


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  • charlessfo

    I love Mirage, but is the volume supposed to jump up and down suddently like it is doing in my download, or is that a problem with the download? Feature or bug?