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This week’s playlist:
Song / Artist / Album – Country
An Apple a Day / CO2 / Emo Rocks China – China, Beijing
That’s All Right / Raving Radio / Emo Rocks China – China, Beijing
因為所以 Because / 二手玫瑰 Secondhand Rose / 二手玫瑰 – China, Beijing
The Man Machine / Manchuhead / EP – China, Manchuria
Zai Jie Shang / Tian Mi Dehaizi / Zai Jie Shang – China, Shanghai

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One thought on “Dragon Radio 048

  • Administrator Post author


    Well received from you.

    It’s our pleasure that you like the song “An Apple a Day”.And you could play this song on your podcast radio.We hope our song will be loved by more and more people.

    Our band “CO2” is a local band in Guangzhou of China, established in 1999. Although one of our song was in the CD “EMO ROCKS CHINA”, the style of our band is not only Emo, we make songs as our like , no matter what style the song is.

    This year we have published our EP”Happy hour” in March, then one of our song “an apple a day”(not in our EP) join in the CD“Emo rocks China ”in September, and our Album is coming in next few months.

    And the song “an apple a day” is about the love story of our vocal Brian, Apple is his ex-girl friend, Brian found he still love Apple after many years .Brian is very compunctious but the past will never come back cause Apple is another man’s wife now.So to remenber the past of the sweet love story and to miss Apple,Brian writed the words for this melody,“An apple a day”means he miss Apple every day.

    By the way I found the songs you play on your podcast radio are from the indie bands, thank you very much for promoting the indie music.

    L. J. (Guitarist of CO2)