Dragon Radio 049 3 comments

HK Holiday 2006

This week’s playlist:
Song / Artist / Album – Country
Very / Yuh / Yuh Rock – Japan
Gray Star in a Small Window / Crayon Candy / Crayon Candy – Japan
Echo From The Abyss / Dian Fu M (Ego Falls & Against Me) – China, Beijing
天照 Heavenly Light / Poplar / 天照 Heavenly Light – Japan
No People / Channel Green / Channel Green – China, Shanghai

Ways to listen:

Direct download and listen DragonRadio049.mp3


The LIVE archive stream

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3 thoughts on “Dragon Radio 049

  • Ed

    So glad you have gone to .m4a. I remember asking for this almost a year ago but the timing couldn’t have been better with all the flying through asia I’ll be doing this next month. Now I can skip through songs that correspond with the country I am in or flying over.

    Don’t be a stranger man. Keep these coming. A month is almost too much to bear even if it does take time for stuff to cross the Pacific on the back of a dragon 😉

  • Snedlugg

    Imagine my surprise this afternoon listening to the show. Really great of you to pick my song up. (Channel Green).

    Cheers. /Henning