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This week’s playlist:
Song / Artist / Album – Country
豬扒的悲劇 Tragic Pork Chop / FATB / Single – Hong Kong
Bird Ship / Guitar Vader / DAWN – Japan
Kya Yahi Pyaar Hai / Pralay / Pralay 14 – India, Bombay
Bersendar (To Lean On)/ White Shoes and the Couples Company / “Berbagi Suami” Soundtrack – Indonesia, Jakarta

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One thought on “Dragon Radio 050

  • Administrator Post author

    This is Indra Ameng (White Shoes’ personal manager).

    For sure, it will be ok to play our song “Bersandar” in your podcast.
    I already visit your website, it’s really great!

    “Bersandar” the word in English means to lay your back to something like pillow. It’s like if you sit on the chair and you like to lay your back too.
    But in this song, the songwriter (Sari / vocal) use this word “Bersandar” for “to depend your life
    to someone else or to the one you love”.
    The meaning of the song is, there is a time when you really depend your life on someone so bad, but in the end when your love one leave you, it will hurt like you’ve got a stabbed right in your soul.

    This song actually written for a movie soundtrack called”Berbagi Suami” (Sharing husband). The film itself have a theme about polygami.

    You could have the complete lyric in our website;

    Thanks, Tony Reno. I hope my answer could help you to get the meaning and to catch the mood of the song.

    Warm Regards from Jakarta,
    Indra Ameng