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Dragon Radio 053

This week’s playlist:
Song / Artist / Album – Country
記住,這是我們的秘密 Remember, this is our secret / Ironkite / This’s our secret – China, Beijing
閃亮 Flashes / XXL / 中國式的酷 Cool China – China, Beijing
1061 / 與非門 Nand Gate / 01 – China, Beijing
咿呦 Modern Participation / 子曰 Zi Yue / 第二册 Second Album – China
冬天 Winter / 紅 Red / 紅 Red – China, Beijing

Ways to listen:

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4 thoughts on “Dragon Radio 053

  • Azchael

    Hi Tony,

    Good show, I like it, though I wouldn’t pick a favorite artist, therefore I need to listen to the songs a few more times!

    Have posted about your new show on RiC, our RiC wiki and Last.fm

    Rock on!!!

    Rock in China

  • charlessfo

    Tony, the 子曰 cut is totally awesome. I’ve been listening to it over and over. I wonder whether you have the right album cover, though. When I search on the YesAsia site, they give that cover for volume 1 (which is, alas, unavailable), it doesn’t include the song you played, and they don’t show a volume 2. Unfortunately, the English and disography (I think–my Chinese is really bad but I think the link ending in 片 would mean discography) links on their annoying Flash site don’t seem to work.

    I suspect NAND rhymes with AND. “NAND gate” is an electronics term meaning “Not And gate” (doesn’t pass a signal out if both incoming pathways have a signal, otherwise passes a signal out). Knowing that, I was surprised that the music was not electronica.

    These are only nitpicks. I love your show and have been with it since 009 and have bought music after hearing it on your show, when I can find it, which is difficult here in the states, even in San Francisco.

  • dragonradio Post author

    Hey Max, thanks for the link!

    Hello Charles, glad you like the ZI Yue cut, another listener Andy sent that in and I found that picture from the website. Often times I just grab some artwork, not necessarily the album cover because in this case I could not find it either. Maybe if Andy is watching this he can comment on where he found the CD. As always thank you both for listening!


  • itsalljustaride

    This was a great episode! I’m just getting to it, but the NAND Gate, Red, and Zi Yue tracks were all awesome. Unfortunately i can only find NAND Gate on eMusic, and the other two are nowhere to be found either. Great show!