Dragon Radio 072

Dragon Radio 072

This show’s playlist:

Song / Artist / Album – Country
Penjilat (Remastered) / The Jones / SUGAR EAR FREE EAR CANDY Vol.2 – Indonesia
“Forbidden” / D’espairs Ray / Coll:Set – Japan
Sunday / Tvc15 / Culture – Japan
Sadho Re / Agnee / Agnee – India
Gong Xi Fa Choi / Daviuz / Daviuz – Indonesia

TVC15 Interview Transcript
Yes, my name is Atsushi Wada.
Nice to Meet you
Thank you for proposing to interview us this time.
I can not speak English very well and it may be hard to hear us, but please forgive it

Three members;
Yumeto Katsuragawa
Takeshi Seki -playing guitar and effects
Atsushi Wada (um, me) play bass and sampler

We formed in 2000, there were 4 members and the content of the music was totally different in those days too.

Our music is… there were many musical pieces There was the sound and there was the look, but we are conscious of our characteristics from that time.

The drummer stopped activity in April, 2005, but we continued activity with only 3 members through that without adding a new drummer. This thing was a turning point for the band, and it here that we began to pursue the sound of diverseness of a sampler, synthesizer and effects.

TVC15 is a song of name (name of song) David Bowie’s (TVC15). We like art I think David Bowie’s music is art.

Sunday, the feeling of this music is splendid Sunday it is pop musical piece in culture. Singing is Yumeto Katsuragawa, Yumeto singing.

Thank you very much, bye-bye!

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