Dragon Radio 077

Music from Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Senseless, Omodaka, Rootthumm, Elyzia, and Deep White

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5 Replies to “Dragon Radio 077”

  1. Celeste

    Amazing show as usual!
    I was afraid that you had stopped the podcasts, and I’m glad that you’re still doing them. It’s practically the only way I ever learn about all of these bands.
    Thank you and keep it up! 🙂

  2. dragonradio

    Hello and Thank You Celeste! I am still doing new shows, but it just takes a bit longer for me to get them together. Keep listening, and thanks for the clarification on “Shelia on 7”!

  3. dragonradio

    Hey Jason, thanks so much! You can get all the old shows from iTunes (anything after 42) and for the real early shows you can download the mp3’s here. Let me know if you need help. Crank on!

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