Dragon Radio 078 3 comments

This show’s playlist:

Song / Artist / Album – Country
揸緊中指 Hold Tight Middle Finger / LMF / Wild Lazy Reunion – Hong Kong
Hayat-bir-umid / SixCity / Six City – Uyghur China
晚安野玫瑰 Good Night Wild Rose / 莫子儀 / 一席之地 A Place Of One’s Own – Taiwan
抱著你 Holding You / 縱貫線Super Band / 北[上]列車 Northern Train – Taiwan
Bunda / d’pop / EP – Indonesia

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3 thoughts on “Dragon Radio 078

  • Dean Swanson

    Glad you’re back in the production booth! #78 was definitely worth the wait. I particularly like “Hayat-bir-umid” by SixCity. Looking forward to #79.

  • lo_jun

    Nice plug on the LMF song – 揸緊中指!
    Their new one 數治時代 is pretty good too, really like the lyrical content…haha that’s prob. one area where LMF never disappoints.