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  • Dragon Radio 010

    Hello again and welcome to Dragon Radio 010, the Hong Kong Special! This week the show took quite a long time to get together, but it is now done. I […]

  • Dragon Radio 009

    Hello again! This has been a busy week for me, so I apologize for the tardiness of this show. I am pleased to announce that we have our first Pakistani […]

  • Dragon Radio 008

    Correction: the first two songs are from the Philippines! Sorry about that Malaysia, we will get to you next week ? Damn USB headset-microphone! I promise that this will be […]

  • Dragon Radio 007

    Lucky number seven, at least it is for us this time. Dragon Radio has it’s first interview with Lao hard-rock stars, the Cells! Our star reporter, Thanapa, caught up with […]

  • Dragon Radio 006

    More good music from Asia The post Dragon Radio 006 appeared first on Dragon Radio 龍的廣播電台.

  • Dragon Radio 005

    Saswadee…Thai Music Special! The post Dragon Radio 005 appeared first on Dragon Radio 龍的廣播電台.

  • Dragon Radio 004

    Hey, its me! This week we have our first Vietnamese artist featured. An interesting sound that should appeal to those of you whom enjoy more ethnic sounds. Please check out […]

  • Dragon Radio 003

    Well back from Europe and my OneMBA coursework. I am happy to be back in HK, but Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Gdansk were all very interesting and refreshing. By the way, […]

  • Dragon Radio 002

    This week Japan, China, Korea, and Thailand! The post Dragon Radio 002 appeared first on Dragon Radio 龍的廣播電台.

  • Dragon Radio 001

    Music from Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand The post Dragon Radio 001 appeared first on Dragon Radio 龍的廣播電台.



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