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  • Dragon Radio 020

    I finally figured out why people living in rainforests wear little or no clothing. I have been walking around in cold, wet clothes for the last 2 days and realized […]

  • Dragon Radio 019

    Get yer Ring Tone here! The post Dragon Radio 019 appeared first on Dragon Radio 龍的廣播電台.

  • Dragon Radio 018

    This week we turn on the distortion and let it rip! Some call it noise, others call it music, you decide. Either way, I think you will find it interesting […]

  • Dragon Radio 017

    WOW! It HAS been a long time since you’ve heard from me hasn’t it? Well, I am quite busy this summer with school and work and I am trying to […]

  • Dragon Radio 016

    Summer started this weekend with the time-honored tradition of SUNBURN! I got mine on a boat with this beautiful view of Clear Water Bay in Hong Kong. This week’s show […]

  • Dragon Radio 015

    Whooo Hoooo! The post Dragon Radio 015 appeared first on Dragon Radio 龍的廣播電台.

  • Dragon Radio 014

    Well we did it, we finally had our long awaited day in the sun. It truly was a great day for racing! The team did well, we placed 1st in […]

  • Dragon Radio 013

    Thanapa brings us to Vietnam! The post Dragon Radio 013 appeared first on Dragon Radio 龍的廣播電台.

  • Dragon Radio 012

    Hello again. This is a cool show, we have Korean, Thai and some interesting Chinese-American rock music for you. May the force be with you, and give your Wookie a […]

  • Dragon Radio 011

    Clap your hands everybody! We have some great Indian pop music this week as well as an “exclusive” interview with Malaysian citizen Jennifer! That is correct, her first interview ever, […]



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